The Therapy Centre was founded in 2009 in Goodwood, Cape Town. Since its establishment, the practice has focused on providing psychological interventions to adults, children and adolescents. The practice has been built on the relationships with individuals and institutions who assist us in providing a holistic approach to treatment for our clients. These individuals and institutions include pre-schools, crèches, primary and high schools, as well as other health care practitioners such as psychiatrists, pediatricians, GP’s, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

Children and adolescents face many challenges on a daily basis and when a child is not equipped to face these challenges in a constructive manner, it leads to difficulties in all areas of functioning. On a very practical level, this translates to poor academic achievement, discipline and behavioral problems and difficult peer relationships.

In our work with children and adolescents, our relationships with teachers and parents have been invaluable to us. We are constantly inspired by teachers’ dedication to their profession and parents’ tireless commitment to their children’s well-being.

Our work with adults has a strong emphasis on how emotional challenges manifest themselves in day-to-day functioning, especially with regards to relationships. With both adults and children we aim to provide psychological intervention to guide the individual to their highest possible level of functioning.

The practise is aligned with the latest Protection Of Personal Information Act (POPIA).