Mindfulness – the essential element of DBT

I often say to clients when teaching mindfulness that mindfulness is the runway of DBT. When an airport has no runway its aeroplanes can neither land nor take off. This will mean that the airport becomes a storage facility for passengers and planes leading to a lot of unhappiness, devastation, disappointment, frustration, anger, resentment and […]

A Chain Analysis

“Tell me what happened. What led you to start cutting?” I would ask. “Uhm… I’m not really sure!” Frith (not her real name. All pseudonyms will be marked with an *) would say. “I just felt very sad and started to cut! I just wanted to get rid of the pain!” Or, as Peter (*) […]

The DBT Mind

Peter (not his real name) once asked me: “Do you think that DBT is a modern cure for today’s psychological problems?” In a typical therapist reaction I responded that his concern was valid. I further mentioned that there are several schools of thought in psychology that assist people to get better and function more adequately. […]